Liselot Puiman, LL.M.

I am a lawyer and a translator. In 2005, I graduated from law school at Amsterdam University. Following my wish to facilitate legal and other communication between people and to make difficult texts understandable for everyone, I have come to focus more and more on translation.

For years, I worked as a trainee judge, a government lawyer and a company lawyer at the Amsterdam district court, the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg and the Dutch Competition Authority. My professional background has added to my ability to recognize when a seemingly small difference in fact could have huge consequences.

A lawyer is trained to see what specific word best fits the text, given the coherence within it, the applicable law system and the intended purpose of the text.

That’s why I have an eye for detail which is so essential in a translator’s business. Any kind of text will benefit from being examined and interpreted in this way. As a result, a first-rate and durable translation is produced.

I have experience in translating legal and policy oriented texts and romance novels. I have worked for many non-profit organizations and have regularly translated journalistic works.

As a text writer, I have specialized in judicial decisions. In writing, my focus is on a clear language and creating a message that can be easily understood. These are my ‘hobby horses’, so to say.stokpaardje

Door Liselot Puiman