Various texts are possible

– contracts;

– articles of association;

– progress reports (of projects);

– speeches;

– quarterly reports;

– Acts and other regulations;

– (memoranda of oral) pleading;

– website texts;

– policy documents.

Translation services

Precision and detail are of enormous importance when it comes to legal and business texts. With such texts, attention must be given to the document as a whole and the coherence within the text. Translation on a word for word basis and machine translation often don’t have the desired effect.

Firstly, although a translation machine might well come up with a standard substitute in the target language (Dutch, for example) for a certain word in the source language (English), the target language probably (almost always) has a whole variety of possible alternatives for that word, one better suited for this particular text as the other.

Secondly, a translation could in itself be a good translation on word level, but it might very likely have a different meaning within the law systems involved (for example Dutch versus American or British law systems).

So, you cannot simply rely on it that a translation, which at first sight seems to be of good quality, will really reflect what was written in (and meant by) the original text.

A lawyer has an eye for detail, which is essential in a translator’s business. Every kind of text will benefit from being examined and interpreted in this way. As a result, a first-rate and durable translation is produced. That is Page & Point’s commitment to you.

Editing services

Page & Point has a lot of experience writing legal and business texts in which a message must be reflected in a convincing and clear manner.

If you are in doubt whether your original text meets these standards, Page & Point’s editing services can be a great solution for you. You will be guaranteed of an effective report or a convincing policy document. I will rewrite your text and make sure it strikes the right note and has the correct structure, without any unnecessary fuss.

Copywriting services

Don’t have the time to write your own texts? Or just don’t feel like it?
If you don’t have a clue where to start,
or maybe you want to make sure your blog is kept on a weekly or monthly basis?

Page & Point takes care of your copywriting and will write your text using clear language.
Together, we will discuss your wishes for the text and you can leave the rest to me.
One less worry on your mind!

Are you a lawyer?

As a lawyer, you know the importance of precision and details. But: to each his own. You deal with the legal content of your document, while you leave the translation from or to a different legal system to Page & Point. You can count on it that Liselot, as an experienced lawyer, can estimate the expert subtleties of your texts at their true value and that she will be able to transfer those into the other language.
You certainly have a better use for your time!

Doing business abroad?

Page & Point offers you:

– Understanding of foreign legislation: not a word-by-word translation, but a translation in clear English terms, so you understand the consequences for you.

– Understanding of contracts that are put before you: contracts are all about the details. It is paramount that you know what is agreed upon and what you are saying ‘yes’ to. I will make sure everything will be put down on paper in easily understandable English (or Dutch, as the case may be).

– Your own contracts: you will radiate professionalism if the contracts you put before your clients are drawn up in perfect Dutch. No double Dutch and gibberish, so you’ll be taken seriously. Page & Point takes care of your reputation.

Subscription for blogs

Are you keeping a weekly or monthly blog? As you probably know, you could reach a much larger audience at one go, if your posts also appeared in another language. The downside is, of course, that it would cost you a lot of time to do the translation yourself. Then, there’s always the possibility of machine translations… but more often than not, the quality of such translations is not up to scratch, resulting in you scaring away potential clients, while you were aiming to leave a good (first) impression! (You can read more on this subject in my blogpost). With this blog subscription product, Page & Point translates every new blogpost into Dutch or English, while seeing to it that it will appear on your website within the agreed time limit. One less worry on your mind!


Something you’re racking your brains over or an exceptional case?
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Page & Point’s average rates

For private persons:

translation work € 0,16 per word and
editing and copywriting work € 40,00 per hour

For companies:

translation work € 0,18 per word and
editing and copywriting work € 50,00 per hour

With average being the operative word in this:
an average difficulty of the text’s subject
an average delivery time (i.e. the translation wasn’t supposed to have been finished yesterday…).
So, the rates are indicative. The exact applicable rate for the translation of your document can be determined after a study of the text.

Contact me for more detailed information on rates (or if you have other questions, of course).

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