Because of our work with our Indian business partners, it is very important to us that our official legal documents are translated accurately. Liselot has done this for us, after a brief and effective consultation. Especially our ‘Mission statement, vision and core values’ and the articles of our foundation are important documents, which Liselot has translated accurately and with feeling for the political sensitivities. She is service minded and she kept us constantly informed of the project’s progress. She is a dependable and cooperative partner to work with and we highly recommend her.

Jeannette Vermeulen, secretary of the Foundation Vrienden van Kind

last willPage & Point translates for notaries, lawyers and legal consultants.




Page & Point often works for Plan Netherlands and has translated many of their reports from English into Dutch. These reports are often intended for supporters and give information on the progress of activities in a particular area in the world. This report (translated in Dutch) on the results achieved in 2012 in Cambodia is an example of a translation for Plan.




Page & Point translates for War Child on a regular basis, also for the new international website in English.

For War Child, Liselot has, among other things, translated a fact sheet on the evaluation of the Sierra Leone project from Dutch into English and part of a large-scale report on Syrian children. Her translations were of high quality, especially for a non-native speaker. Besides that, it is nice to work with Liselot. She is quick to respond to any questions and delivers within the term agreed on.

Suzannah Vree,
Coordinator Corporate Communication


Page & Point is a permanent translator for Doctors of the World, Netherlands and has cooperated on quarterly reports on the pogress of projects in Indonesia.




Page & Point regularly translates journalistic works on the online platform for citizen media, Global Voices. Here’s an overview of the translations.




logo CandlelightPage & Point has translated historical novels for publishing house Audax.




Door Liselot Puiman