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of legal and business oriented texts

The only agency where a lawyer works on your translations,
resulting in the delivery of your message, all the while preserving every detail.

What is your point?

The act of translation into another language, in many cases, results in the loss of the legal or commercial power of persuasion.

This can be prevented with a translation by Page & Point. I translate to and from Dutch and from French into Dutch.
contracts reports speeches pleadings texts of law treaty texts policy documents

Often, texts do not have the force and power of persuasion the writer intended with them.

Do you want to be assured of a powerful report or a persuasive policy document? Have your texts edited by me.

contracts reports speeches pleadings texts of law treaty texts policy documents

More time

you’ll be able to do what you are good at

Your reputation guaranteed

no mumbo-jumbo from a non-native speaker, but a strong presentation towards your client


your message is understood

Still having doubts? This example demonstrates (all too clearly) how things might unintentionally get messed up if an non-professional translation is used.

The customer first had the text translated internally within the company, but in order to get a more professional looking document (they wanted to expand their business abroad) they decided to hire Page & Point to do the translation for them.

“Alle betrokken vrijwilligers werken volstrekt belangeloos voor de stichting”

was first translated into:

“All concerned volunteers work utterly disinterested for the foundation”

while the original actually meant something along the lines of:

“All of the volunteers involved, contribute their work for the foundation entirely free of charge”

Woops….! Next time better hire Page & Point.


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